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The SUN was blocking me from Jesus [entries|friends|calendar]

I wish the world was flat like the old days
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Bitching and Ranting [Thursday
May 26th, 2005]
[ mood | sad ]

Ok, first of all.... IT IS SO GOD DAMN HOT! HOLY CRAP! AHHHHH! ........ but I like it. I've gradually become very tan this year, and it makes me happy, because last year at this time, I'm pretty sure I was a pasty little cream puff.

Anyway, basically lately school has sucked and I've been going through tremendous crew withdrawl, because I miss everyone so much. I know that next year the team is going to suck major fucking ass, because the seniors will be gone of course, and so will Morgan.... so yeah, I don't have very high expectations. But I'm really going to miss our team chemistry, because we all bonded so well, excluding sarah of course, and all in all, I'm really going to miss the Bainbridge girls.... a lot. Like, it's gotten to the point where I feel like a loser now, because I don't think that anyone else really misses them as much as I do. I can't eat now without expecting to see Alex laughing at my face, and I can't turn around and not expect to see Rachel J looking at me and laughing through her spy scope, and I miss rachel B complaining about how she has no boobs. Ugh... It's been bothering me since I got back from regionals, which were overall fun, but now I'm just sad.

Also, over the summer I am afraid that I am going to become very out of shape due to European food.


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Bus rides [Thursday
April 21st, 2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well my theory has proven to be correct. Long drives just do me a world of good. It seems like the only time I really think about things with an unbiased view is when I'm sitting listening to my ipod, and looking out the window. It's soooo relaxing, and after I do it I always feel really really good. But anyway, when I was sitting there and just staring out the window on the way back from Sammamish (tennis match) I realized that I hate Suburbia USA, and that I love Seattle. As I stared out the window I saw houses the same color and same shape on just about every block. Every single building was like beige, and there was no personality at ALL. Nothing remotely interesting except for maybe like a Home Depot every so often, or maybe one of those outlet malls, that of course was painted the same color of everything else. I only saw SUV's and Mini Vans when in that little yellow school bus of mine, and that's when it really hit me as to how lucky I am. I am so glad that I live in Seattle, or in the city for that matter because it has so much personality, and you feel so connected to it, like 'This is my home, this is where I'm from.'. And yeah, basically I'm just glad that I'm here in Seattle instead of like in friggen Sequim or like Leavenworth or something.

Yeah... haha, I just needed to get that off my chest, and to all of you who say 'Seattle sucks' Well, you suck and I don't wanna here it. Haha.

-Akira-san, 2nd Ninja.

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Spring Testing [Monday
April 18th, 2005]
[ mood | hyper ]

Oh lordy, have I mentioned how much I love the ITED and Roosevelt's testing schedule? Well so heres the deal, basically freshmen have the ITED until the 22nd, and then after that we get half days until the 28th, which is the day that I'm leaving for Brentwood. Soooooooooo awesome!! Yesssss, minimal homework, sleeping in late. Damn this is the life. Haha.

Well anyway, today at crew we got two new girls on our team, and they are both 8th graders, like a predicted which is good so they pose no real threat to me. :) This also means that I am no longer the youngest out of everyone. Peep that bitches. Hm..... What else to say? My life really isn't that interesting right now, but I make stupid useless entries anyway. OH YEAH, OHHHH MY GOD!!! BRENTWOOD DOESN'T HAVE SHOWERS!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!? I LOVE BEING CLEAN AND TAKING SHOWERS!!! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS! AHHHHHHHHHH! Good thing that Morgan's parents are gonna have a hotel room so I can shower there. Phew.


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Possibly the worst regatta yet... [Saturday
April 16th, 2005]
[ mood | lazy ]

Well folks, today was regatta day. Now, normally regatta day is filled with sunshine (ok... so maybe not sunshine... lets say a light drizzel or maybe some cloud cover), happiness, fun, and other... I dunno things related to rowing, but today was none of those. Well actually I wouldn't say NONE, but there definately was no sunshine or happiness, maybe a tad bit of fun was sprinkled in, but I'm choosing to ignore that right now. Anyway, I arrived (with Nina of course) at the regatta at about 7 am, and it was raining not too badly so I was all thinkin like 'Oh it will probably go away soon'. Did it? NO. Instead of Mr. Sunshine showing up at my doorstep, I got Mr. Torrential Downpoor. Now that my friends is not fair. It's like... Hm.... Lets saaaaaay that you like ordered chicken, and you got fish instead, and you were like allergic to fish so you like couldn't eat it... I dunno, that was like a terrible comparison, but that's all I could think of, and although I'm not exactly allergic to rain, my hands did get extremely puffy from the rain. Haha.

Anyway, more ranting about the regatta but now more focused on like the good side I suppose. Well Nina and I hung out with Dane quite a bit today, and seriously... Could that boy hit on her like anymore? He is like vicious with his flirting too... It's really funny. Haha, it's like a cycle, first Dane loves me, now it's Nina... Maybe Morgan's next? Who knows, who knows? Well actually Dane did hit on me a lot today too, especially when Nina wasn't there. He would like wrap his arms around me and hold me there until I made him let me go, and he took pictures of me on his phone etc... Ugh, Dane, good thing my fatty crush on him died. Seriously, what was I thinking? Hm... Probably some of the impared judgement crack causes. Oh well.

Today I also hung out with Taryn quite a bit. Definately one of the highlights of my day was when I was talking to her about who knows what.

Me and Taryn: Blah, blah, blah
Me: Grrrr, stupid Morgan she doesn't have to stand here in the rain for like three hundred billion hours.
Taryn: I think Morgan's a lesbian.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was priceless, because it was so random. Haha, deff. a highlight of my day. What else? Oh yeah, like Sarah isn't bad enough already as it is.... Today she just HAS to bring one of her friends to the regatta... And OH MY GOD I seriously cannot decide which one of them I hate more! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?! Like seriously... I don't even remember this girl's name but she was like arrogant and rude. All she talked about was how she wished that she was Mormon, and how like Christianity sucks and such. I don't really care to much about the topic of religion at all (Unless Dan Brown writes about it in one of his novels), and she just couldn't shut up about it. Here are some examples.

*Dane trying to find Nina's MySpace on his little mobile sidekick thing*
Annoying Girl: You shouldn't say god's name in vain! Especially since you go to a Christian school like Blanchet!!

Me and Dane: Ughhhhhhh, this is like the worst day of my life!! I hate the rain! I'm cold!
Annoying Girl: Well, just be glad you aren't a starving child in Ethiopia.

There were many more, I just can't remember them right now, because I'm tired. I usually don't stay awake this many hours in a day. Woah.

-Lindsey Pindsey

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Useless entry about doctors [Friday
April 15th, 2005]
[ mood | weird ]

I HATE THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE!!! I HAD TO GET LIKE 50 BILLION SHOTS TODAY!!! Ok... So maybe not like 50 billion, but I had to get 2 shots, and blood drawn. The only good thing about this visit was that I got to listen to Beck with the doctor who was drawing my blood. This has been a very useless entry.

Ta Ta for now,


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Yeeeeeeeehaw [Thursday
April 14th, 2005]
[ mood | calm ]

Well hm... What to say, what to say. Oh,for starters I'm on spring break now yay!! Well actually... it has been pretty boring, so not quite a yay, but maybe a half hearted ya-hoo. Hm... yeah, anyway, lately my head has been really fucked up, like especially yesterday but now I'm fine. It's amazjng what a good night of sleep will do for you. I am so not looking forward to the regatta on Saturday, ohhhh my god. It's gonna be soooooo boring because I'm practically there for like 11 hours, from like 7 am to 6 pm, which if you haven't figured is rather hellish. I think I'm going to have to resort to like playing battle ship with nina or something, haha, ooooo I CAN'T wait. Also what makes it suck even more is that it's like on lake washington and there is absolutely nothing to do there within walking distance which also screws me over. Damn Bainbridge girls with there cars, they can actually LEAVE and come back, or like see a movie or something. Oh how I wish I was seventeen and lived on an island. Anyway, lets not get into my Gilligan fantasy, maybe I'll write about that in the near future, but not today. Sorry kiddos.

Hm....... what else is new with my life? Hum-dee-dum-dum. I reeeeeaaaaaaallllllly need to finish this roll of 36 that has been lingering over my head for quite some time now, so if anyone would like to be my muse for a day, or accompany me on a photography filled adventure, give me a holla. Haha. I always wanted to say holla like that, damn I'm cool.

Alright that's it for now.


P.S.- I fucking HATE my scanner!!! It doesn't bloody work, so I can't post any of my photography up here. GRRRRRRRRRR. I HATE SCANNERS!!!!

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Skipping this part [Friday
April 8th, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well I dunno where to start. Lately, things have been really hectic for me and I just can't relax or anything, which is weird because I was voted most laid back last year. Haha, but anyway, the point is I am so stressed, and it exhausts me. Thank the lord that I'm on spring break now. But anyway, there are just so many things and PEOPLE that are bothering me, and of course all I do is over analyze everything. I can't sleep because all I do is sit in my bed and wonder what so and so thinks of me, or if I'm going to do well on this or that. And I feel really bad about it too because it seems like all I do is bitch to all my friends, and I think that after they won't be my friends anymore. The only time recently that I have been totally like stress free was on the bus ride to Redmond for my tennis match (that I ended up losing), but it was like so therapudic for me. haha, as weird as it sounds... I just like listening to music and driving for a long time, because that's when I just like don't think about anything. Yeah, now I'm bitching again, well that's the whole point of this entry I guess.

Why does John insist on trying to make my life hell by threatening to stick me in a double with Sarah? WHY GOD?!?! Seriously, why doesn't anybody realize the simple fact that I am good, and she is evil. It's that simple. I swear it isn't even funny how much I loathe her, I haven't hated someone this much like... ever. Today she also asked me if in the summer I wanted to train in a double with her. WTF?!?! You gotta be fucking kidding me, I already spend enough time with her, and their is no way I'd spend my fun summer time with her. GRRRR. I think she does it on purpose too, we mutually hate eachother, and she makes it even more awkward by trying to salvage the relationship, but that ain't neva gonna happen. God I hate her, she's like the plague, it's insane how much time I spend thinking about how much I hate this girl. And yes, if you are reading this and like 'wow, hate is a really strong word', well yes I know, and that's why I'm using it. Like I don't hate anybody expect this girl, sure I dislike peoeple but, OH MY she must be my god sworn enemy or something. Ugh.

Anyways, more about crew on a slightly lighter note. Well, it's official that I will be racing in Brentwood in the Novice Quad, which is exciting, and possibly a novice double too... also good, as long as it's not with Sarah. Man, I hope that they have showers there because... like I have to shower EVERYDAY. I love being clean, it's like my thing, and nothing will take that away from me, I'll bring like a bucket to Canada if I have to. Haha. The reason I'm wondering about this is because, we're gonna be staying in a gym with Holy Names...and yeah, god I hope they have showers. I'm so tempted to email Taryn about it also, because she went last year, but I don't want to because, then she'll think I'm REALLY stupid. haha.

Speaking of stupid I have said so many dumb things in the past couple of days, oh jeez, it's embarrassing. Like seriously what is wrong with me? Am I on crack? Here are some examples...

Me, Nina, and Adri at lunch:

Me: Saying something about how I had so many awesome kegs and such. (which I didn't of course)
Nina: "yeah whatever Lindsey"
Me: "Nina you should've seen me, I like went CRAAAZY on that bottle of Jack Johnson!"

Morgan and I:

Morgan: "Yesterday Jake wore a batman suit for Kindergarten day."
Me: "Jake.... Door?"

If you weren't there you probably won't get it.... but yeah, it was definately me at my finest. Ohhhhhhhhh damn, alright, I'm outie. Peace Playas.

-Lindsey "The Destroyer" Kaghan

P.S.- I just made up the Destroyer part, I thought it sounded cool. haha.
Me = loser.

P.S.S.- Actually, I'm not a loser, scratch that.

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April 4th, 2005]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Last Cigarette: Neva.

Last Alcoholic Drink: Like... Last year... haha.

Last Car Ride: From Nina's mom on the way home from crew. Me and Morgan belting Gruff Mummies, good stuff.

last Kiss: Oh jeez this is sad... awhile ago lets just say. Maybe like a year ago. :( haha.

Last Good Cry: Um.... I dunno, probably like last week or something while like watching a movie. I don't remember, crying isn't the highlight of my life.

Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Sin City. Holy shit. Multiple castrations.

Last Movie Rented: Cold Mountain.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuck?

Last Beverage Drank: Cranberry grape juice.

Last Food Consumed: Indonesian food. Holla back at my peoples. Haha.... wow.

Last Crush: I'm not putting that in a public journal. no fuckin way. haha.

Last Time Showered: today of course.

Last Phone Call: To my dad?


Last Shoes Worn: My running shoes.

Last CD Played: DEK- Boner

Last CD Bought: Beck, Postal Service, Ted Leo + Pharamcists all at the same time.

Last Annoyance: Sara. All I can say is Sara aka axis of evil from Bothell.

Last Disappointment: Rowing.

Last Thing Written: this?

Last Words Spoken: I'll bring the handcuffs.

Last Sleep: last night.

Last IM: like 2 seconds ago.

Last Weird Encounter: Seeing the Dementor in downtown, and many other things, but that takes the cake.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: A long time ago. Summer perhaps.

Last Time In Love: Does Clive Owen count?

Last Time Hugged: Today, but it wasn't a consensual hug... more like rape. haha. Morgan...

Last Chair Sat In: this one.

Last Shirt Worn: work out shirt with a chicken on it...

Last Webpage Visited: Threadless.

Last Thing Lost: my money.

Last Regret: I can't pick one. Hmmm....

I love survey things. Oh god.

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April 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well so far today has been a good day I guess. I hung out with Karin and we went to Ave. I haven't hung out with Karin in like the longest time, so it was really fun, and we talked about a lot of stuff. Even though we don't really see each other that much at school anymore, it doesn't matter because when we hang out or talk it's back to being best friends, which is part of the reason I know she is still one of my best friends. Well anyway, we went to get bubble tea, and it was really good, and then after that we went to Tower Records, and I got three new awesome cds, Postal Service- Give Up, Beck- Guero, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Shake the Sheets. They are all amaaazing. After that Karin and I went to this new store that opened up called American Apparel. I love this store because it just has like a bunch of brand free clothing in really cool colors, it's like my friggin life safer, because I don't need any stupid shirts that say like 'I'm a ho' or whatever they are putting on clothing nowadays. But yeah, enough of my ranting, at American Apparel I got this sweatshirt, so yeah I guess I could say I had a pretty good shopping day today. I also tried on some Onitsuka Tiger shoes... and oh my goodness I need a pair. AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love shoes.


My list thingyCollapse )

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March 31st, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Oh man am I seriously exhausted. Next week will probably the longest week of my life. I really need spring break to be sooner. This week has been rather uneventful so far, we were supposed to have our first match against Woodenville on Tuesday, but then it got rained out. And also I've discovered that tennis matches are one of the most boring things on earth unless you are playing. I mean seriously, all you do is sit there and get brainwashed by watching a neon ball getting hit over the net for 2 and a half ours. Don't get me wrong... I love tennis but away matches suck, but home games are ok because we get cookies. :)

Hm... What else to say....
Oh yes crew. How could I write an entry without at least mentioning crew once? What kind of person would I be? Haha.

Well so this week at crew, Rachel Jooooohncock came back from Jamaica, and she is seriously tan, damn her. I wish I had the ability to tan well, but I don't. I just burn. Anyway, yesterday I rowed with Rachel B. In like really shitty water, but we did ok I suppose. The best that you can be while pretending to be a pirate. John said that we might possibly be rowing a varsity double together, which is scary because I absolutely cannot compete with varsity girls, and I don't want to embarrass myself. Ugh............. I can't wait until the weekend, because.... SIN CITY is coming out! YESSSSSSSS!!!! Clive Owen is the SEXIEST man ALIVE!

That's it I guess....


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March 28th, 2005]
[ mood | okay ]

I stole this from Colin's lj, and all I can say is wow... this is the future. haha.

Your College Life by highfivejunkie
What will you study?
Your Roomatequietnkissable
The Football Playerurmomsausername
The Cheerleaderospenoptemous
The Band Geekfalloveranddie
Highly involved in their Frat/Sororitydimsum05
The Crazy Drunkagentdolan
The College Slutdoorstomylife
Your Significant Otherdimsum05
The Creep that sneaks into girl's showersagentdolan
Likeliness you'll graduate: 95%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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I hate Shen Shen [Wednesday
March 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | cranky ]

Oh my goodness. You officially know that you're in highschool when the sex rumors start coming out about you. Meh, so appearantly the knew rumor going around is that I slept with Joe Lee... uh EW!!! GROSS GROSS GROSS! I mean I really wouldn't care if it was someone hot though like uh... I dunno, or Xavier... Mmmm... yummy lol. haha. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I know who started the rumor, I think it's this girl named Shen Shen, and she's in my Japanese class and she is like in love with me. God she's such an idiot, she tried telling me that Nina of all people was saying that I slept with Joe. Idiot pfft. She just wants to be my right hand man... but of course as we all know, that's never happening, all of the openings for Lindsey's bitches are taken.

Anyway, seriously I must have been like ovulating today or something because I got hit on SO much. It was like scary. Jesus, estrogen must have been pouring out of me like a faucet (bad similie). So first the whole sex rumor started, then when we were getting our pictures taken for tennis the stupid track guys were all like 'WOooooo tennis girls! do me! Ah!'. Also when Allison and I were waiting for the bus the like most unhardcore gangster I've ever met starts hitting on me. I'm serious when I say soft... Moses, this guy had like a pillow and was eating chocolate cake when he was talking to me, and also what made it worse was that he was trying to feed me his cake like airplane style.

Gangster: Want some of my cake baby?
Me: Uh... *thinks* no.
Gangster: I'll feed it to you. (insert gangster talk)
Me: still no....
Gangster: Do you think my white friend is hot?
Me: No.
Gangster: Uncomprehendable gangster lingo.
Me: So anyway Allison...
White guy: Hey what do you think my nationality is?
Allison: um... Caucasian?
White guy: What's that?
Gangster: Hey girl you fine, like, you are so hot.
Me: Uh... thanks.
*bus comes*

That was just a taste of it folks... Ugh, I hate gangster guys who hit on me. So stupid. Well I forgot what else I was gonna write... So that's it for now.


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Wahoo [Sunday
March 20th, 2005]
[ mood | cold ]

Look at my new Layout! Tizzite!!!! I got it from Free Layouts, and I would link if I knew how... but I don't so I won't. Sorry kids. I like my layout a lot eventhough it is indeed pink, and I hate pink but I like this so pffft. I'll update later about the regatta once I get the events straight in my head. Well, that's it for now.

Ta Ta,

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t-t-t-tennis team!!! [Thursday
March 17th, 2005]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I MADE TENNIS TEAM! FUCK YES! WHAT NOW BITCHES?!?!?! Well, I am proud of myself... sort of I guess for this minor acomplishment, but only like 4 freshmen made the team, so yeah. ANYWAY, what did I do today? Hmm.... Oh yes, I went to Nina's house after tennis, and then we went downtown and ate good bbq stuff. MMMMmmmm bbq pork sandwichs are the fucking shit. yummy. I don't even think I'm writing in full sentences write now. Ugh. Why am I updating?



P.S. For tennis we have to wear dresses at our matches. Ewwwww.

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Hazzah [Monday
March 14th, 2005]
[ mood | enthralled ]


Hey guys and gals, actually only gals because I don't think I have any male friends on here yet. Haha. My life is obviously sad. Well anyway, I sort of feel obligated to actually writing something in here becasue well.... I haven't written anything in awhile so I felt the need to keep my audience updated on my oh so interesting life.

Well the biggest news for me so far is that I AM going to be racing the quad in the Greenlake Spring regatta (which all of my loving admirers should DEFINATELY go to... because you get to see me in spandex) and I'm 2 seat which rocks. Hazzah! I'm infront of Rachel B, heeeeheeee way to go Lindsey! Anyway... I also find out whether or not I make the tennis team tomorrow... Some SERIOUS praying is going to be goin' down tonight.... Oh wait... no I'm Jewish, and I don't think praying is a very Jewish thing to do... We just read from the Torah and what not. Actually I'm just making this up out of my ass, I don't really know, haha, I'm only half Jewish (on my Dad's side). I just really like pretending like I'm a hardcore Jew.

Welll..... Uh I dunno what else to say except for that I'm happy I actually wrote something. Yay!


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No FRIGGIN subject [Tuesday
February 15th, 2005]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Is it bad that I actually feel obligated to update this stupid thing now? I feel like I'm neglecting my journal, and that is a sad feeling to have. Sigh, just another confirmation of my loserish status. Actually, I lied I'm not a loser, I'm cool. Hell yes.

Anyway, speaking of Hell Yes, that's the song I'm listening to right now! It's by Beck, and the first time I heard it I like seriously almost peed myself becasue it's such a weird song. I don't exactly know what to say, because my life has seriously become the most boring piece of shit ever. Oh wait, ACTUALLY I am very excited about the Bright Eyes concert on THURSDAY! Wooooooooo! Holla pimps.

Uhhhhh.... ok I guess that's it I guess...


PS. I think I may have possibly been demoted in crew. POSSIBLY is the keyword though. Damn that Rachel Becker! Whatever, she'll see who's boss tomorrow when I fuckin kick her ass on the erg. Hollaaaaa. Woo go me.

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Picsss [Thursday
February 3rd, 2005]

Well hello hello friends! I haven't posted in about a week or so, but nothing has really been going on in my life except for my schedule change which SUCKS!!!! Except for Nina in math, and Liz in photography. Well here are some pictures nina and I took at her house of us in our pimpin sunglasses, and other random stuff from awhile ago.



Unda tha CUTCollapse )

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woahhh hollaaaa [Thursday
January 20th, 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

OOOOOOO!!!! I just finished watching the OC! Marissa is a lesbian!!! AHAHAHA! In the words of Paris Hilton... that's hot. I think it's so funny, I hate to imagine what my hot neighbor does while he's watching this show. (he's an OC addict too, just my type of guy). Speaking of guys, Tolot is coming soon. S-H-I-T. Karin keeps asking me who I'm going to take, and being the loser that I am I probably won't go. I wouldn't know who to ask... Well I actually I would... Because I do actually like somebody, infact i just realized it now while sitting in my chair. curious. But I probably will not ever ask this person to tolot, ever, just so I can be one of those old ladies with tons of cats who is a lesbian by default because she had no love life. Sigh. Life can be so cruel.

Anyway... Crew was interesting to say the least on Wednesday. Just to sum it up what happened was I almost got runover by a speed boat (I swear these boats are out to kill me) Nina and I convinced Sarah that I was pregnant, and then Sarah tried to convince me not to have an abortion, Rachel J and Morgan were convinced that I was going to die, and appearantly Taryn has a thing for red heads.

I think I have become totally obsessed with Closer. Such a good movie. But anyway, we got our schedules today. yipee. I now have math with Nina. Score.... Actually major plus, because our class will be majorly rockin with Liz and Xavier in it considering they will DEFINATELY be switching back into my class. fer sure. My life is boring and I have nothing else to say. Dramatic sigh. Oh yeah, and I think I'm going to the opera with Morgan tomorrow. Oh joy.


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laa dee da da [Wednesday
January 12th, 2005]
[ mood | predatory ]

Well well, guess what time it is? TIME FOR ANOTHER UPDATE! HOLLER!

Haha, I'm a loser. Anyway. Today wasn't very eventful at school... yeah... Didn't do much, except watch a sex video in health. YAY SEX ED! That definately has to be my favorite class ever. EVER. I love saying penis and vagina. teeheehee. Oh yeah, also I'm supposed to be hanging out with Liz and Nina tomorrow after school. That should be a BLIZZAST! fun, fun, fun. I am in the weirdest mood right now. bleh. Oh yeah, Lost was really good tonight. What is up with all this incest on my favorite tv shows nowadays? hm? First the OC with Ryan and Lindsay, and then Lost with Boone and his step sister Shannon. I mean seriously what the fuck? haha. Is this some kind of weird conspiracy?

Oh yeah, also yesterday I got minor food poisoning. Bleck, I was throwing up all over the place. Not a very pretty sight. It all started when my dad made me a baked potato, and I was in a hurry to get to guitar. So I grab the sour cream and put a big blob of it on my potato, and shove the whole thing in my mouth. THEN when I was putting the sour cream away, I notice all of this mold and crap all over the sides of the sour cream, and like chunks and stuff... It was gross. Ew.

Crew was pretty fun today I guess... ASIDE from the fact that NINA didn't go because she was 'sick' haha. We all know what that means. Winkity wink wink. Well we did that stupid split practice thing again. ugh. I hate that. Well I only hate it because I get so paranoid in singles... although John says I'm really good. Whatever. So Taryn, Rachel, Sarah and I were all in a group. Oh jeez, what fun we had. Seriously what the hell is wrong with Sarah? SHE IS SATAN! AHHH! Definately the most funny/annoying bitch I've ever met. Me and Morgan were trying to have a conversation and this is how it went.

Morgan: But you are so comfy!
Sarh: Blah Blah Blah
Morgan: Lindsey Tibbles! HEEHEE
Me: Anyway... so how was your day?
Sarah: mumble mumble
Morgan: Sarah, what are you doing?
Sarah: Well... I was just trying to remember all the names of the people I did folk dancing with in elementary school. I was thinking about having a reunion with them. John.... Mike... Alice... It's just so hard to remember all of their names.

Ahahaha. It was so funny! I seriously had to bite my tongue to keep myself from laughing in her face. Anyway, so today we had to do a 1k times 4, and our split had to be our 2k plus 2 to 6. It was harddddd. VERY hard to say the least. Morgan threw up. I didn't though, cuz I'm a solja. I was so proud of myself though haha. On the erg I beat everyone by at least 5 to 10 seconds on every piece. It kicked ASS! Taryn is sort of out of shape though. I felt bad for her, because she like died on the last piece, and had a hissy fit on Sarah. It was funny. She didn't get mad at me though because I decided to be nice. What a suprise.

Well so far my week has been filled with incest and puking. Hm. Strange.

Until Next Time


PS- I should have my own tv show.

PSS- I rock

PSSS- I love doing PS's.

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January 7th, 2005]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Well ok, I have to admit this isn't exactly my first entry ever... but at least for this journal it is. I can't believe I'm doing this again but oh well.

Today was certainly an interesting day, Liz says I talk funny... I don't think so? Wait do I? Hm... Another one of life's mysteries. Yay I love mysteries, I used to be obsessed with Nancy Drew in like umm 3rd grade, but that's over now... and uh yeah. After school I went grocery shopping with my dad and brother. How gangster is that? Pretty damn gangster right? Well that's what I thought you'd say anyway. After that we came home and I ate food, and then I got ready for crew. While I was waiting to get picked up appearantly I was blocking my brother's view of the tv. So what did he do? Why don't you take a guess? HE THREW A BOOK AT ME THE LITTLE BASTARD! and worst of all when I complained to my dad, all he cared about was how the book Thomas threw was his. haha. Wow, my life sucks, I think I'm gonna go cry big fatty emo tears now.

Anyway, so crew was pretty fun I guess.... We worked out and erged and I got tired, but definately the most eventful thing of the night was when Rachel Johncock farted when we were doing ball exercises. It was hillarious, because normally she's all uptight and what not, and it just made my day, it was sooooo funny. I would've peed my pants, but i was doing wall sits and i couldn't, because that would definately not be a cool position to wet my pants in. While on the subject of Rachel J, let me just say now that I am obsessed with her last name. It's so funny, yet unfortunate for her. JOHNCOCK! HAHAHHAHAHA JOHNCOCK, JOHNCOCK, JOHNCOCK! alright, I'm done now, I let it all out of my system.

I hope it snows.


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